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Why you should keep a pregnancy diary

Nine months of pregnancy can seem like forever whilst you're experiencing it, and yet feel fleeting when you look back on it.

If you're a first-time mama-to-be, you are probably distracted with the day-to-day tribulations like dealing with morning/all-day sickness, announcements, medical appointments, shopping for maternity and baby stuff, and general nesting. You might also have a job to continue on with as well.

If it isn't your first pregnancy, you're probably also busy dealing with the above whilst rearing other small children at home.

So documenting your pregnancy may not be top of mind! However, the pregnancy journey is full of amazing milestones and emotions. Keeping a pregnancy diary is a great way to capture those fine details in the moment and have something to look back on when the whole pregnancy becomes a bit of a blur.

How did you feel when you:

- got that positive pregnancy test?

- shared the news with your partner/family?

- started feeling nauseous or tired?

- acquired some unusual cravings?

When did you:

- first feel your baby move or kick?

- get your first ultrasound?

- start wearing maternity clothing?

- decide on your baby's name?

What did you:

- worry about most?

- find confusing about being pregnant?

- get most exciting about?

These are just some of the ups and downs associated with pregnancy which may be easily forgotten after it is over.

If you're not the journalling type of gal, My Baby Bod app includes a 'diary layout' which allows you to easily take a pic and include some notes alongside it. The best part is that each entry can be done on your phone and saved in your camera roll.

Download My Baby Bod app for free from the App Store or Google Play Store.

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