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8 tips for making the perfect pregnancy progression

Have you ever seen those pregnancy progression pics on Instagram and thought that it would be cool to have this visual record of your own pregnancy?

Well here are our 8 tips for making your very own progression.

Tip #1 - Angle Be aware of your angle. Standing is more flattering than sitting. Facing the side will give the best view of your belly.

Tip #2 - Background Choose a simple background to avoid distractions. A plain wall is a good option.

Tip #3 - Framing When framing your shot, make sure there is sufficient blank space left around the subject. This will give you maximum flexibility when choosing collage layouts later as some layouts will crop your photo (e.g. square photo layout).

Tip #4 - Frequency Take photos on frequent basis (at least once a week) so you can see your progression throughout your pregnancy.

Tip #5 - Lighting For best photos, ensure there is adequate lighting. If using natural lighting, be mindful that the amount of light will change as the season changes throughout your pregnancy.

Tip #6 - Outfit Consider wearing the same outfit or complementary colours in each shot. Don’t hide your bump. Tight and stretchy clothes are the best for defined belly shots.

Tip #7 - Postpartum Keep taking photos of yourself with your baby after your baby is born. It is amazing to see how your baby transforms through pregnancy and after birth in a single collage. You will also love seeing your baby grow from belly to birth and beyond.

Tip #8 - Subjects Consider including your partner or any other siblings in some of the shots.

If you'd like an easy way to capture your pregnancy pics and to collage your progression, check out My Baby Bod app. The app provides guidance with framing, and allows you to use the overlay functions which means you can ensure each snap is in the same position and angle as the last.

Download My Baby Bod app for free from the App Store and Google Play Store.

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